Blake Newport


Contract Handover Services

Successful conclusion of contract negotiations by the bid team and contract signature signals the end of phase one of the contact lifecycle and the beginning of the transition phase to the project team. From the moment the deal is signed parties to the contract will be obliged to fulfil obligations and deliver these within agreed time scales. Therefore, it is a critical time to establish such things as:

  1. What the contract requires of the stakeholder

  2. Relationships (and tone of relationships)

  3. Key contract processes

  4. Actual project resourcing requirements

  5. Capturing bid team knowledge.

The first couple of months are pivotal in the success of the overall contract and its future operation - money is made or lost from day one. Blake Newport is well placed to assist at this vital point. We undertake a detailed analysis of often complex terms, conditions and schedules and distil this information into a form that can be used by all levels of our client’s organisation, from board executives through to management level and the delivery team. Our clients benefit from our significant expertise in this area by Blake Newport briefing client personnel. The provision of a complete yet comprehensible understanding of obligations is especially advantageous to the delivery team. Blake Newport facilitates a transfer of knowledge that leads to a smooth transition from contract signing into delivery, minimising risks and optimising growth and profit opportunities.

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