Blake Newport


Dispute Resolution (including Claims Management)

Whether your commercial arrangement involves thousands or millions of pounds, despite all best intentions, there is a risk that conflict can arise and develop into a formal dispute.

Blake Newport was founded on the provision of independent expert assistance in managing claims of all sizes in a risk assessed and cost effective manner, helping minimise the impact on core business.

Claims resulting from scope change, supply chain problems and design crises have significant impact on the viability of projects and on the flow of cash, resulting in additional costs and failure to deliver to programme and budget.

We provide specialist claims management advice, including the preparation and defence of claims and represent clients in negotiations to reach effective settlement and minimise project and business impact.


We provide full quantum and programme planning and delay analysis services in the management of disputes commercially and in adjudication, mediation, arbitration, litigation and other formal and informal dispute arenas.

We act for and advise Suppliers, Employers, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Lawyers in the construction, engineering, IT and Telecommunications industries.

Our staff is primarily dual qualified with an industry based qualification backed up by a post graduate degree, enabling a comprehensive approach to the analysis and solution of problems.

Our varied experience, expertise and flexibility enable us to transfer our skills to analysing and resolving a range of problems in diverse commercial and public organisations.

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