Blake Newport


Tender Preparation

Blake Newport has considerable procurement expertise developed and fine-tuned over 30 years of trading as commercial experts which is coupled with a wealth of experience on most forms of contract, be they PFI, PPP, Outsourcing, Target Cost or Design and Build.

We know that each deal is different and that there are a number of factors that would need to be analysed, reviewed and discussed with our clients in order to determine the optimum procurement vehicle for the project at hand. Key issues that would need to be addressed include:

  1. Establishing and interrogating our client’s priorities and approach towards quality, price, time, safety and ultimately risk

  2. Do any TUPE issues exist?

  3. The need (should one exist) for a degree of parity with the existing commercial models and contract agreements currently in use with other suppliers

  4. The number of strategic partners required for the service provision

  5. The level of granularity that our client wishes to contract at for the services it wishes to buy. In certain circumstances Output-Based contracts can be very effective and allow suppliers to leverage their existing services and technologies which can lead to vast time and cost savings, however, there is a degree of less certainty with this approach.

Commercial Activity

Regardless of the roadmap ultimately selected the following commercial activity would be required:

  1. Establishing procurement principles

  2. Project start-up

  3. Creation and ongoing management of the risk allocation model

  4. Business case development and governance throughout the procurement process

  5. Devising the optimum procurement strategy

  6. Carrying out a market assessment

  7. Market creation

  8. Production of client requirements

  9. Identification of business critical activities and key services

  10. Consideration of any Transformational activities

  11. Supplier selection

  12. Proposal evaluation

  13. Contract preparation

  14. Bid evaluation and negotiation

  15. Contract award

  16. Project closure / handover to contract management team

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