Blake Newport


Commercial Bid Support

Blake Newport’s commercial expertise is regularly deployed to support its clients to win new contracts or renegotiate existing arrangements.

Whether a client is a customer, supplier or sub-contractor, Blake Newport identifies the risks associated with entering into a commercial agreement, and conducts negotiations to neutralise or minimise risk exposure. This leads to a contract agreement where risk apportionment is commercially prudent and the client has complete visibility and can fully determine the risk-reward relationship. The client can therefore avoid being bound by a contract that will inherently cause problems in the future.


Across a wide range of commercial formats, from Systems Integration Programmes to ICT Outsourcing and Off-shoring, the Blake Newport team has well-honed contract analysis, negotiating and drafting skills. We are capable of working independently or in conjunction with internal departments such as commercial, legal and procurement. We also frequently work alongside external legal counsel.

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