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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to miscellaneous methods of resolving disputes without going to court, including Arbitration and Adjudication.

Methods (not mentioned elsewhere on our website) include:

  1. Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) (Early opinion on likely outcome)

  2. Conciliation (similar to Mediation, but the Conciliator directs parties and drives negotiations, advising on solutions and making recommendations)

  3. Expert Determination (Binding determination of a dispute made by an expert chosen by the Parties to a timetable decided by the Parties)

  4. Med-Arb (Mediation followed by Arbitration)

  5. Med-Rec (Mediation with recommendation made by Mediator)

  6. Miscellaneous ombudsman schemes in connection with, for example, estate agents, solicitors, financial services, surveyors.

Blake Newport has expertise in alternative methods of resolving disputes and can assist Clients in presenting their cases to the best advantage by providing full analysis and presentation of quantum and programming and delay issues.

Please contact any Blake Newport office if you need further advice or to arrange an appointment.

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