Blake Newport

Dispute Resolution


Adjudication is a quick and cost effective formal means of settling disputes and is a mandatory provision in the majority of construction and engineering contracts.

Often, resolution of the dispute can be obtained within 28 days of submitting the claim. The speed of the procedure means that care has to be taken when drafting the claim because, unlike litigation, there may not be a further chance to refine or change the detail or to provide additional relevant information.

Blake Newport acts for clients in offering a full adjudication prosecution and defence service.

We independently analyse and quantify the risk of whether proceeding with the dispute is cost effective and can give advice on the alternative methods of resolving any dispute if adjudication proves inappropriate.

If matters proceed, we can handle the dispute in adjudication from instigation to the adjudicator’s decision, always seeking to keep costs to a minimum.

At Blake Newport we also have trained panel member adjudicators who have been employed to resolve anything from disagreements over professional fee payments to multi million pound engineering disputes.

Please contact any of our offices if you need advice in connection with adjudication or if wish to propose one of our adjudicators to help resolve your dispute.

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