Blake Newport


Contract Close Out/Exit Arrangements

Contracts do not simply come to an end. Even after the completion, sign-off and final payment for the services provided it is common for certain obligations to survive and to ‘live-on’ past the term of the contract.

In large outsourcing arrangements where an incumbent supplier has not won a re-bid on an account there will be numerous issues such as TUPE to the new incumbent and transfer of assets that need to be dealt with usually in challenging timescales.

With three decades of commercial and contract experience Blake Newport regularly advises our clients on what to do when a contract comes to an end. On occasion it may be necessary for an organisation to seek a way out of a contract during the term of the agreement. Our experience will ensure our client’s are fully aware of their options and the consequences of doings so.

In addition to exit strategy and advice, Blake Newport assists our clients in assessing and capturing the lessons learned from the contract that has just closed. This fundamental feed-back can influence future decision and approach.

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