Blake Newport


Final Account Preparation/Assessment

Toward the end of a contract there will be a requirement for the supplier to submit a Final Account. This document must contain key information to allow the end-customer to satisfy itself that all services and products have been provided. It is common for a final (usually significant) payment to be associated with its sign-off and frequently through incomplete submissions; suppliers are delaying its payment. There is usually a fixed timescale in the contract for the submission of the final account, which is a document that can take considerable time and resource to produce.

Our experience ensures that the documentation submitted is in line with the contract requirements. The final account may contain claims for loss and expense or an extension of time; areas Blake Newport are expert in assessing an producing.

When we act on behalf of end-customer organisation we rigorously interrogate the supplier’s final submissions in accordance with the timescales the contract permits us to do so.

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